Our Movement

When it comes to lifelong well-being, setting and reaching goals is a constant. While we take the time to celebrate our milestones, we do it without missing a beat—we’re ready to see how far we can go to become the best version of ourselves.

Our Movement

A year of focus, discovery, and living what matters.

Ebony Bell

There are always moments that matter in life. Ebony is making the most of one.

As we move through life, each of us is on a journey—a journey to better ourselves, to seek out well-being in the most unexpected places, and to bring purpose into each day, each month, each year we have together.

This journey is what we call our well-being movement. It’s about people and the ability to live life fully. It’s how we’re living what matters to each of us, every day—and it matters deeply to Humana, too.

Why, you ask?

Because the journey we’re on individually is also the one we’re on together.

Chelsea Eggleston

Can being with Humana help you feel happier? Chelsea says yes—if you let in all that there is.

At Humana, well-being is the heart of our culture, and our leaders are committed to it. While meaning and purpose often come from within, they also develop from our relationships with others. That’s why there are so many opportunities at Humana to connect and collaborate, to Dash and de-stress, to share your vision and voice—and we’re finding new ones every day.

Because our movement is a reflection of who we are.

Relationships. Optimism. Caring for others as unique, whole people. These are the things we’ve found matter the most on our path to improved well-being. And as we‘ve zeroed in on how we show up as Humana, we’ve found these same principles apply—the promise of whole-person health care, the respect for each individual’s journey to find it, and the power of purpose and compassion to help along the way. While our experiences may differ, our journey is really no different than that of our friends, our family, or the members we serve.

Because our journey has never mattered more.

Peter Shannon

For Peter, more Healthy Days means more healthy years – for he and his family.

What we’re doing together in our movement is life changing, both to ourselves and others. We’re setting an example for many, including those who live in communities with the most barriers to health. That’s why we have been working hard to prioritize our well-being and surpass the Bold Goal set for these communities—20 percent healthier by 2020. And in 2018, we did it! Although we originally hoped to reach this milestone last year, in 2018 we proved that with perseverance and commitment, reaching a Bold Goal is possible, and we’re excited to see what the future holds.

If you’re new to our movement, welcome—we’re happy to have you! Join us now as we reflect, celebrate, and set our sights on what’s next.

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