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Connection still matters. It always will matter.

Human beings long to find their tribe. Most people want to be around others who get them, sharing passions and ways of seeing the world. It provides some identity and a feeling of belonging.

The ways in which people find tribes and connect with others have changed over the decades. Before many engaged in person, bowling together after work or joining socially. Now they often connect in online communities – in and outside of work – with people they’ve never met face to face.

These differences can impact livelihood and belonging. There are times in life where one realizes that solid, close relationships have no substitute, and in person bonding creates a lot of magic for health and well-being. These connections are reminders how much everyone has in common, help alleviate any loneliness in experience, and let people thrive more!

Here are some highlights:

Sense of belonging took a turn.

Our community’s overall belonging score went down, driven largely by a decrease in the Well-being Index result. A decline in Community, which is tied to feelings of connection in the workplace, was a big factor. There’s no overstating how important these connections are to well-being. Associates who feel like they really belong at Humana have nearly nine weeks more of Healthy Days each year. Expressions of care and interest, the sharing of life’s adventures, and simple camaraderie matter. There’s plenty to learn as more of our associates work virtually and connect digitally more often.

We’re all in this together. Let’s all make a difference.

Julie Walker

Bella Vista, AR

Buzz lets associates connect in a world where relationships take different forms.

Buzz, Humana’s internal social media platform, is an efficient way to get answers, collaborate and share knowledge. It’s also a way to find like-minded people who share passions for making life more interesting, something that may fuel deeper connections and create community. Yet fewer associates are actively making posts on Buzz. More encouragement to tap into Buzz could help our team make meaningful connections that’ll make a difference to well-being.

There are stories we can share with one another to help us build connections.

Rosemary Salinas

San Antonio, TX


















Life’s journey is better when shared. Rooting each other on, lifting each other up and connecting in new ways are all core to well-being.

Inclusive Connections

More and more associates are finding meaningful connections by participating in Network Resource Groups or NRGs. In 2019 we increased our goal in this area, and we still surpassed it. Over 33% of associates are a member of an NRG, up from 31.4%. Further, associates feel they can bring their whole selves to work, which provides a stronger sense of belonging and adds to well-being. These connections cultivate something already known – personal needs for inclusion are universal and really no different than those of the people we serve at Humana.

Inclusive Connections

2019 Goal Trend
Network Resource Group (NRG) Participation 33.5% 33%
We have an environment where everyone can fully be themselves 80.3% 84%
Making at Least 4 Posts on Buzz within Last Quarter 9.7% 14%

Humana Well-being Index

Belonging consists of three parts in the Well-being Index: Social, Community and Family. Each declined, particularly Community, which is a sense of belonging associates feel with their Humana teammates. The people of Humana have always been a special part of our culture, and we’re committed to finding ways to improve feelings of belonging as the way we work continues to evolve.

Humana Well-being Index

2019 Goal Trend
Humana Well-being Index: Belonging 3.13 3.34
Social 3.40 3.50
Community 2.29 2.51
Family 3.71 4.00