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Living Life Fully

We’re staying true to who we are and remain focused on what’s good about the journey.

The strength of Humana’s movement has always been fueled by the energy of our associate community being in it together. Associates share dreams, make plans, cheer each other on, lift each other up, and stay the course even if life doesn’t pan out as expected. They have grit and resilience. It’s a commitment and calling that continues to change everyday lives.

Our story is one of transformation, tenacity and a steadfast belief in a purpose that everyone shares – to make the most out of life no matter the situation. We’re focused on staying true to that story, and we’re using the power in positivity as we move ahead.

Our focus to keep it going

Practice care and compassion for oneself and others. We’re all human.

Be thankful. Find the silver lining and see what’s good.

Focus on the “doing” and the “being.” Take positive action and cultivate a positive mindset.

Set goals that allow for perfect imperfections. And call a do-over whenever needed.

Create community and find belonging. Everyone is in this together.

Share in the journey. One Dream. One Team. One Humana.

Humana’s well-being movement is determined. Life may throw detours, but our associates stay on track, keep an eye on the prize and take in what’s beautiful along the way.

Whole-person well-being, represented by an infinite mobius loop that connects the four dimensions: purpose, health, belonging, and security.