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Our Movement

A year of embracing life’s adventure, staying the course and caring because caring matters.

A full and thriving life is an adventure. There are twists and turns, awe-inspiring peaks, downhill slides, and endless learning and wonder. One moment things seem like they can’t be any better. Other times, concern and anxiety take hold. Yet no matter what we face, we experience it in abundant ways and always adapt so we might live more fully.

Lifelong well-being is a journey best shared through care and concern for the people and world around us. This is natural to who we are as humans. And it’s special to us at Humana. How we live life and why is what counts.

A dream of lifelong well-being

We’re staying true to who we are – and who we’ve always been

While helping people live happier, healthier lives has always been part of Humana, we recognize the power of naming a shared purpose – an aspiration our associates strive for together. So we established a dream of helping people achieve lifelong well-being, caring just as our founders proclaimed and intended: people before paper.

Anything worth doing has its ups and downs. Our Humana associate community certainly experiences that, yet we remain hopeful and inspired. Our story is trailblazing, demonstrating how people can care and positively change lives together. Our associates have reached milestones, inspired each other with their spirit, and shown that in spite of the challenges – and sometimes because of them – they’re able to thrive.

I’m more free as an individual since I’ve been on this well-being journey.

Tertavian Ingram

Tampa, FL

We keep learning and growing

Along the way we’ve learned that well-being is as much about “being” as it is about “doing,” cultivating an appreciation for today while being optimistic that tomorrow can be even brighter. It’s focusing on and living what truly matters, finding what’s special day-to-day.

Well-being is realizing the best in ourselves while also caring for others in a similar way…feeling the joys, embracing the trials, and having compassion for every heart and mind.

Life always evolves, so we’re taking stock, recalibrating and pushing ourselves to move beyond what’s before us now. Possibilities, growth and better times await. Because lifelong well-being means we’re in it for life.

You have to get through it and persevere because there is a blessing coming.

Ariana Belfiore

Babylon, NY

At Humana, we believe lifelong well-being is a journey rather than a destination. Along the way, we celebrate the triumphs, care for each other through the challenges, and set our sights on the possibilities of the next stretch.