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Well-being is strengthened when we live our “Why?” and put intention into each day, finding the magic in more of life’s moments.

To ask “why?” is at the core of being human. Many of us, at one time or another, have pondered the meaning of life and how we can make the most of our unique gifts.

Throughout life, one’s personal purpose may evolve as he or she takes on specific roles such as spouse, caregiver, animal lover or change maker. As oneself is involved more in the activities of life, purpose can reveal itself in the energy and passion it creates within and the well-being experienced as a result.

When Humana committed to a well-being dream, we put words to a collective purpose that rallies our associate community and connects individual work to a fulfilling mission larger than ourselves. Purpose can be powerful fuel for actions and is a significant contributor to well-being.

Here are some highlights:

The Bold Goal continues to be a shining light.

Over 89% of associates, even more than in 2018, are inspired by Humana’s commitment to communities. This passion for caring for others is helping to strengthen the steady rise we’ve seen with our overall sense of purpose. And this noble work can enhance personal well-being, too. We’ve discovered that when our associates feel their day-to-day work complements their passions, strengths and expertise, they’re less stressed and significantly more resilient.

Well-being and servant leadership play into my purpose.

Joshua DiBartolo

Metairie, LA

Giving to others is like giving a gift to ourselves.

When people give it shows they care. So it’s inspiring that our charitable giving took a leap forward! The number of associates participating in Giving Together rose to 9.7%, up from 6.2% in 2018. Plus volunteerism is holding steady. Over 48% of associates tracked volunteer activities last year, logging over 300,000 hours and in many ways helping to bring Humana’s Bold Goal to life across the communities we serve.

I have this wonderful community that has helped me redefine my sense of purpose.

Kimberly Cissell

Louisville, KY


















Throughout human history, people have sought purpose and meaning. At Humana, purpose is a beacon for everything we do together.

Impacting Others

Humana has always been a community that gives back. And there are so many ways for our associates to further their passions and help others, whether it’s volunteering their time or donating money. In 2019, we launched Humana Together, a new volunteering and giving site, to make it easier for associates to sustain making a difference.

Impacting Others

2019 Goal Trend
Volunteerism Participation 48.1% 50%
Giving Together Participation 9.7% 15%
Bold Goal Inspiration 89.2% 84%

Growing Ourselves

At Humana, we’ve set a high bar in the area of professional growth because we know how important development is for thriving and succeeding. We’re making great progress and are just shy of goals.

Growing Ourselves

2019 Goal Trend
Humana provides me with the opportunity for growth and development 82.0% 84%
Average Number of Talent Development Actions 1.5 2.0

Humana Well-being Index

As measured by the Well-being Index, our associates’ sense of purpose remains steady – all changes from last year are very minor. Humana takes a holistic view of Purpose made up of three parts: Career, which is rooted in meaningful work that reflects one’s passions, strengths and expertise; Advocacy, which provides motivation to stand up for what one believes in; and Service, which reflects one’s ability to meaningfully give back to communities. Purpose is one of the significant keys to lifelong well-being.

Humana Well-being Index

2019 Goal Trend
Humana Well-being Index: Purpose 3.51 3.68
Career 3.67 3.92
Advocacy 3.53 3.67
Service 3.33 3.46