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A focus on security creates room for choices that make life rich.

Security evokes peace of mind, plus confidence that basic needs will be met. With security as a foundation, people can experience well-being even when life isn’t as imagined. Having a sense of security also serves another purpose – creating choice to make life more interesting.

Take finances, for example. When someone’s been diligent with savings, he or she has room for possible adventures, new hobbies, or more investments for future opportunities. And a rising global consciousness is prompting many to choose recycling, conservation and communal good as ways to sustain a planet that’ll let everyone be healthy and thrive.

So don’t take security for granted. Pay attention to it for lifelong well-being.

Here are some highlights:

Associates are maintaining a commitment to retirement planning.

The percentage of associates participating in Humana’s 401(k) retirement plan is at an all-time high, and 64.6% are maximizing Humana’s match, surpassing the goal. Our results also indicate that the number of associates on track with retirement goals has doubled in the past year, making our community better prepared for different economic conditions that come up. When one’s financial picture has some stability to rely on during trying times, there’s less worry and more peace in day-to-day life.

When scared or wondering how to move forward, Humana is there to help with my security.

Melissa Ward

Crestwood, KY

Overall sense of security is influenced by actions and perceptions.

Feelings of certainty are influenced by the actions taken to care for oneself. For example, associate participation in financial education programs remained steady, while there’s a decline in engagement with our WOW! Working on Well-being® Account, Humana’s reward program for the well-being dimensions of Purpose, Belonging and Security. Plus, associate perception of security isn’t as strong as before, according to the Well-being Index. Not surprisingly, there’s a connection in the data: associates who participate in financial education and WOW report having a significantly higher sense of security.

Dreams really do come true as long as you’re willing to work for them.

Jessica Engelstad

Shelbyville, KY


















With a secure foundation, we’re more free to create the life we love.

Retirement & Financial Engagement

Humana offers many benefits and resources to assist associates with financial savings and retirement. About two thirds of associates are getting the most out of Humana’s 401(k) employer match. Humana partners with Schwab Advice Services and Enrich so that associates have relevant knowledge and sound guidance for their financial security now and in the future. And because financial security goes hand in hand with well-being, associates can earn Go365 Bucks through their WOW Account.

Retirement & Financial Engagement

2019 Goal Trend
Maximizing 401(k) Match 64.6% 60%
Financial Program Education Participation 50.0% 54%
WOW Engagement 43.7% 50%

Humana Well-being Index

A sense of security is a basic need that provides optimism about the future. The Well-being Index breaks Security into three parts – Financial, Personal Safety and Environmental Safety. While all three show our community trending away from goal, the changes in Personal Safety and Environmental are statistically not significant. Still, as the world continues to change and uncertainty abounds, there’s prime opportunity for everyone to feel like they can handle whatever life throws at them.

Humana Well-being Index

2019 Goal Trend
Humana Well-being Index: Security 3.60 3.82
Financial 3.29 3.52
Personal Safety 3.97 4.31
Environmental 3.55 3.62