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Well-being at a Glance

Our associates are wiser as they move forward — yet humbled and exhilarated by the possibilities ahead.

Humana’s well-being dream and Bold Goal bring to life the energy and freedom for our associates to be their best and make the most of every situation. They also reflect a journey that resonates with everyone -- to feel certain our basic needs will be met, enjoy connection and acceptance, be healthy for the things we want to do, and believe our lives are serving a higher purpose.

Research shows that when people see life as a “journey,” they’re more likely to stay with their dreams and goals, accept setbacks gracefully and view the experience as one of growth and change. Being your best takes effort. Sometimes it’s unsettling. But one thing is certain — how one perceives everyday life and feels each day makes a big difference.


The inspiration that guides us to meaningful activities that bring joy to our lives.


Having the energy, physical freedom and desire to thrive in living every day.


The presence of meaningful relationships in our lives and connections within our chosen communities.


The feeling of being safe and the assurance we are protected.

Here are some learnings:

Sometimes it’s all in how we see things.

Well-being isn’t about a finish line or even having a straight path to follow. It’s how one learns to handle the twists and turns that life presents, cultivates a mindset to see what’s best in all of it, and draws upon the lessons to move forward. Perspective matters, and in our Humana community, we see that approaching life with a positive outlook helps our associates experience 10 more Healthy Days each month!

Be aware of what’s going on in life as there are possibilities other than what’s in the mirror.

Lydia Harris

Boynton Beach, FL

A caring environment matters.

As personal experience shows, culture and leaders have an important influence on personal well-being. Knowing someone cares is strongly linked to Healthy Days — in fact, our associates who strongly agree “My leader really cares about my well-being” experience almost four more Healthy Days every month. And an environment that’s caring and encourages what’s best for the individual matters too. Fortunately, nearly 86% of our associates strongly believe Humana is committed to creating a work environment that supports well-being.

I couldn’t talk the talk without walking the walk, so I realized I needed to get healthier.

Melanie Beckman

Appleton, WI

Overall Total Well-being Snapshot Score

















A year after reaching an important milestone, our community is pushing beyond a comfort zone to reach new heights. Because that’s who we are and how we keep growing.

Associate Bold Goal

Our new Associate Bold Goal is designed to inspire and motivate.

Humana has never been content to rest on accomplishments. Our associate community reached Humana’s Associate Bold Goal by the end of 2018, reducing Unhealthy Days by 20% and giving associates 2.3 million more Healthy Days as a community. So upon reaching that milestone, an ambitious new goal was created to inspire everyone to go further: to achieve 500,000 more Healthy Days by the end of 2022. In addition to Healthy Days, our new Associate Bold Goal includes a team element: our target is for 90% of our teams to improve their well-being.

This new goal is a meaningful statement for what our community wants to move toward. Looking at more Healthy Days instead of a percentage decrease of Unhealthy Days, like the first Associate Bold Goal, allows for more clarity of how better choices lead to more quality time and living one’s best life. And by tracking it more frequently – monthly rather than yearly – we gather more real-time data to gauge how our community is doing.

Our loftier goal, based on a new, tougher benchmark, shows opportunity to grow. Though our associates continued to do better than the original 2012 benchmark – picking up 122,000 Healthy Days – the number of Healthy Days experienced in 2019 decreased by 152,000 compared to 2018’s all-time best. This was driven largely by fewer Mentally Healthy Days. Our community is evolving, and so are the emotional challenges and even the way our associates work – all affecting Healthy Days. Our focus is to respond to these challenges so our associates have more days when they’re at their best.

On the plus side, almost half of teams showed well-being improvement over 2018. The new goal will help pinpoint progress and act as a north star in learning what works for happier and healthier lives – for everyone.

Associate Bold Goal

2019 Goal Trend
Additional Healthy Days -152k 500k
Teams with Improved Well-being 44.6% 90%

Well-being Promise

The Humana Well-being Index® Assessment captures how people feel about all dimensions of well-being. It identifies where individuals are at a point in time and areas they can address to experience even greater well-being in the future. We changed the timing of when we administer the assessment within our associate community, moving it from September to January, a time of year when people naturally reflect on the past and set new goals.

While making this adjustment saw a decrease in the overall Index score, this was somewhat expected since historically January is when people tend to perceive their well-being at its lowest. Still, the new timing was purposeful as Personal Well-being Reports are now released alongside Total Well-being Snapshots to leaders and this annual report, allowing associates to see personal, team and entire Humana community results all at once. This puts well-being in total context and means better use of results to plan actions for a brighter new year.

Well-being Promise

2019 Goal Trend
Humana Well-being Index Overall Score 3.46 3.55
Associate Engagement Index 88.6% 90%
My leader really cares about my well-being 88.2% 86%
Humana is committed to creating a work environment that supports well-being 85.9% 80%

Guiding Behaviors

Humana’s Guiding Behaviors represent the ways our community shows up every day to support meaningful experiences for our customers and each other. They demonstrate how we speak up and let our voices be heard, the way we collaborate across the organization, and how empowered we feel to make decisions and take action to serve others. We set higher goals across the board here and added a new measure to track: having the freedom we need to serve our customers.

Guiding Behaviors

2019 Goal Trend
Speaking Up – I can be open and honest with leadership 74.8% 78%
Collaboration – There is effective collaboration between departments and teams 70.1% 73%
Empowerment – Decisions are made without unnecessary levels of approval 56.4% 60%
Empowerment – We have the freedom we need to serve our customers 75.1% 78%

Living Our Values

We live in a world where how organizations do things is just as important as achieved results. Our Values represent Humana’s commitment to a culture that serves the best interests of our associate community and all the communities we serve. It’s about living up to the high standards we’ve set for our behaviors, actions and decisions each day. In 2019 we improved in every Value, exceeding our goals in four.

Living Our Values

2019 Goal Trend
Rethink Routine 82.3% 80%
Thrive Together 81.6% 80%
Cultivate Uniqueness 82.0% 80%
Inspire Health 86.2% 80%
Pioneer Simplicity 71.6% 80%