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2020 was a year of tests and trials, of uncertainty and unprecedented challenges for our communities, our company and our country. It’s been a perfect storm of overlapping struggles: COVID-19, some economic fallout, and the fight for racial equity and justice. Each has tugged on our humanity.

But 2020 was also a year in which many of us looked within ourselves and found resilience, resourcefulness and a renewed appreciation for health and human connection.

We were forced to reimagine how we worked and worshipped, how we exercised our bodies, our minds and our rights as citizens in a democracy, and how we related to one another, including the people inside and outside our homes. The interconnectedness of our personal and professional lives became paramount.

There have been difficult moments, to be sure, as well as a recognition that the difficulties have not been evenly divided. While everyone coped with uncertainty, some faced profound losses – of health, income and loved ones. And some continue to feel pain.

The painful feelings and experiences have had an inevitable impact on personal well-being, that’s part of being human. Yet so is rising to the moment and paving a brighter path ahead.

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Humana’s well-being movement cultivates the attitudes and behaviors that make it possible to persevere through pain, loss and uncertainty and find ways to survive and even thrive once again.

Trust and belief matter to well-being, particularly when times are tough.

Being part of the Humana community gives our associates a sense that someone has their back – their leaders and teammates - and they have theirs. Our well-being movement is a reminder that even in the most challenging of circumstances, we’re not alone. Whenever one of our associates tests positive for COVID-19, “Caring for You” kits arrive on their doorsteps, telephonic and clinical outreach lend emotional and physical support, and special coverage ensures peace of mind. And it matters, as more than ever before our team believes two important things: Humana is committed to an environment that supports associate well-being and our leaders really care.

Associates who believe Humana is committed to their personal well-being experience five additional Healthy Days each month. So while the world has changed in many ways since Humana’s movement began in 2012, one enduring truth has been the simple fact that our well-being culture, which embraces the concerns of body, mind and soul, has had a tremendously positive impact on our associates’ lives.

We’re stronger than we think, and the resilience is rooted in a positive mindset.

Experiencing the care within Humana’s movement helps our team embrace a positive outlook, which, in turn, helps to develop the resilience, confidence and compassion this moment demands. Over 90 percent of associates now have confidence they can handle the challenges they face. And those who feel strongly optimistic about their ability to handle challenges experience seven more Mentally Healthy Days each month when compared to those who don’t feel optimistic.

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I think in that moment of breathing, thinking, and stepping back is where we gain consciousness.

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Theodore Bennett

Theodore Bennett quote start

I think in that moment of breathing, thinking, and stepping back is where we gain consciousness.

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I needed to get serious about my weight, and I needed to care about myself.

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Shannon Tew
Angola, IN

Shannon Tew

Shannon Tew quote start

I needed to get serious about my weight, and I needed to care about myself.

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Shannon Tew
Angola, IN

80.6 in 2020

Overall Total Well-being Snapshot Score









  • snapshot-overall-score
Against headwinds, we either reached our associate well-being goals or are trending toward them in half of the measurements. That’s an indicator of resilience and purposeful actions. It’s also evidence that we can meet the challenges of the moment by focusing on areas that can use some attention, particularly emotional health.
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Well-being Promise

Humana’s well-being promise is the connective tissue that helps bind our community together. It’s a promise our team believes in and that we work to make a reliable reality every day. That promise and potential proved more valuable than ever in the turmoil of 2020.

The care, support and encouragement associates experienced from the company, leaders and colleagues over the last year reinforced an individual and collective belief in well-being and our movement. In fact, in 2020, we reached an all-time high with more than 90 percent of associates trusting in Humana’s commitment to their well-being.

Well-being Promise 2019 2020 Goal
Humana Well-being Index® Overall Score 3.46 3.36 3.55
Associate Engagement Index 88.6% 93.2% 90%
My leader really cares about my well-being 88.2% 89.0% 86%
Humana is committed to creating a work environment that supports well-being 85.9% 90.2% 80%
  • well-being-promise-overall-score
  • well-being-promise-assocaite-engagement index
  • well-being-promise-leader-cares
  • well-being-promise-work-environment
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Guiding Behaviors

Humana’s Guiding Behaviors demonstrate how our team engages with each other and the people we serve. The behaviors around speaking up, collaboration and empowerment were established because they reflect fundamental needs we all have as human beings and enhance our capacity to work collaboratively in an open and respectful environment. We all want to feel that we have a voice and that our thoughts, experiences and perspectives matter. We also need to express ourselves and still feel a sense of belonging and a measure of control over our personal and professional lives and relationships.

Guiding Behaviors 2019 2020 Goal
Speaking Up - I can be open and honest with leadership 74.8% 77.0% 78%
Collaboration - There is effective collaboration between departments and teams 70.1% 71.6% 73%
Empowerment - Decisions are made without unnecessary levels of approval 56.4% 57.1% 60%
Empowerment - We have the freedom we need to serve our customers 75.1% 77.4% 78%
  • guiding-behaviors-speaking-up
  • guiding-behaviors-effective collaboration
  • guiding-behaviors-empowerment
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Living Our Values

Humana’s Values make our company distinct and provide guidance for how we bring to life our commitments. We aspire to live these values every day and let them shape our decisions, actions and interactions. Of course, it’s one thing to live your values in normal times; it’s another to live them in moments of truth. That’s when values, and the commitment to living them, are tested.

That’s why it’s extremely gratifying to see that despite facing a challenging year, our associate community showed strong improvement in living each of our values. Appropriately, the biggest gain came in the value that symbolizes the importance of interdependence and community in a difficult time: Thrive Together.

Living Our Values 2019 2020 Goal
Rethink Routine 82.3% 86.9% 80%
Thrive Together 81.6% 87.2% 80%
Cultivate Uniqueness 82.0% 86.5% 80%
Inspire Health 86.2% 89.9% 80%
Pioneer Simplicity 71.6% 76.9% 80%
  • living-our-values-rethink-routine
  • living-our-values-thrive-together
  • living-our-values-cultivate-uniqueness
  • living-our-values-inspire-health
  • living-our-values-pioneer-simplicity
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Associate Bold Goal

At Humana, we always aim to lead by example. So naturally it inspired us when in 2018 we reached our first-ever Associate Bold Goal, which was centered on experiencing Healthy Days, a health-related quality of life (HRQOL) measure defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). That meant we had gained 2.3 million more Healthy Days since 2012, or more specifically, equaled an extra week per year when both physical and mental health were good for every Humana associate. It reflected a remarkable period of continual improvement of overall well-being.

But challenges are important to keeping momentum. So our team set a new goal to inspire and pull us through 2022: 500,000 more Healthy Days over our 2018 high, plus 90 percent of teams with improved well-being. While no one could have imagined the shocks and stresses to every corner of life as a result of a global pandemic, its effect on our Healthy Days is clear.

Following positive trends in the first quarter of 2020, in April and May there was a drop in associate reported Healthy Days as the pandemic took hold. After a slight improvement in summer, the virus surged in the fall, and Healthy Days dropped once again. Our emotional health was hit particularly hard as Mentally Healthy Days declined by almost one full day per month in 2020. This all adds up to collectively experiencing 738,000 fewer Healthy Days compared to the new goal baseline.

Yet there’s also encouraging news. Remarkably, the number of Physically Healthy Days held steady. And heading into 2021, Mentally Healthy Days showed some rebound toward pre-pandemic levels, although they still deserve attention. Plus, during a time when the whole world changed, more than 30 percent of our teams have better well-being when compared to our 2018 baseline.


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