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Our associates’ unique characteristics, cultures and beliefs fuel the innovative thinking that gives Humana a competitive advantage in a diverse marketplace. By integrating our values through the lens of inclusion and diversity, we foster fresh thinking and creativity that in turn delivers better business outcomes.

At Humana, our inclusion and diversity journey is a part of the fabric of who we are as a company. We have taken intentional steps to nurture a culture where all employees, no matter who they are, feel like they can be their best selves, in order to do their best work. When our associates are free to bring their best selves to work, we can make the best decisions for our members and guide them toward better health and well-being.

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Associate demographics

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Diversity in management

Our commitment to advancing diversity extends from associate recruitment to development, retention and advancement. Humana is committed to building balanced diversity at all levels of the company. We achieve this through a focused effort on supporting a pathway for top, diverse talent, strengthening current collaborations and forging new partnerships.

(Management defined as Manager and Senior Manager. Executive leadership defined as VP to CEO level.)

People of color



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It starts at the top with CEO action

Four years after signing the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge and joining the Catalyst CEO Champions for Change, Bruce Broussard continues to champion actionable progress towards achieving our inclusion and diversity strategic goals. Humana’s new partnership with OneTen highlights continued commitment to the long-term health and well-being of the communities we serve, including our own associate community. Together with OneTen, we are working to build and grow a diverse and equitable talent ecosystem, and support our associates in building skills needed for today and in the future.

Our human care promise requires us to think and act differently, evolving our mindset from departmental initiatives to shared accountability and commitment to enterprise outcomes. Shared accountability measures are integrated into performance goals for Humana’s Management Team and their direct reports in SVP and VP roles.

For the first time in 2020, Humana leaders aligned to high-level goals with shared accountability focused on driving inclusion and diversity throughout the enterprise. These goals – hiring & promotion, retention, inclusion, mentoring and leaders participating in bias training – are updated quarterly via a new leader dashboard that enables increased accountability. Employing a metrics-driven approach that leverages new technology, the dashboard equips leaders with tools and resources that enable transparency in reporting. Quarterly reports provide a pathway to address areas of improvement quickly and goal achievement is linked to executive compensation. Further detail on executive compensation can be found on page 63 of the 2021 Proxy Statement.

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The Leader Standard: A Blueprint for Leadership

In 2020, leadership at Humana evolved with the implementation of the Leader Standard. The Leader Standard starts with consistent leader fundamentals combined with four strategic differentiators – inclusive, agile, curiosity-driven and digitally savvy – that help grow and ensure sustainability for the enterprise. Customer-centric, the Leader Standard puts the customer first to create simple, meaningful experiences and aims to improve health and business outcomes.

The Leader Standard supports our Human Care promise by aligning leadership actions and behaviors to build trust with our members. Leaders ensure efforts are centered on key priorities that deliver business, customer and financial value, and demonstrate shared accountability for outcomes centered on our Human Care promise.

By embedding inclusion in the Leader Standard, we demonstrate our commitment to pushing forward equity at Humana.

The Inclusion & Diversity Leader Dashboard measures:

  1. Hires & Promotions: Women and People of Color
  2. Voluntary Turnover: Retention of Women and People of Color
  3. Inclusion Index from our Associate Experience Survey
  4. Bias Training participation for Leaders
  5. Leaders in Mentoring: Overall and People of Color

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Explore Inclusion & Diversity programs that advanced our work in 2020

Bringing Cultural Competency to Life

Exceeding goals with Conscious Inclusion: Disrupting Everyday Bias

Leaders bring Courageous Humility to team discussions

Sponsorship at Humana

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Investing in our associates

Mentorship levels up equity efforts

As a critical development asset, mentorship allows associates to share skills and knowledge so we all succeed and Thrive Together. Our mentoring programs directly support our diverse talent pipeline strategy and the future success of Humana. Through mentoring we learn and grow together and level up equity efforts throughout the enterprise. Mentoring is a two-way street that benefits both the mentor and mentee, and helps elevate our quality of work, increases productivity, contributes to associate retention and creates an inclusive, positive workplace.

Collaboration creates success for first-ever Mentoring Circles

Mentoring circles employ a group mentoring structure and provide professional development and networking opportunities for associates. As a key talent retention and development initiative, mentoring circles help participants strengthen enterprise acumen, develop professional and career insights, expand perspectives, and foster innovative thinking and creativity.

The IMPACT and Women’s Network Resource Groups combined forces for the first time in 2020 to to increase representation for all underrepresented groups across the enterprise. The IMPACT/WNRG Mentoring Circles were self-nominated, volunteer seats open to all associates. This collaboration marked the largest mentoring circle program at Humana to date. In total, 84 Mentors and 517 Mentees joined the IMPACT/WNRG mentoring circles.

Paying it forward

A circle of mentorship

The future of mentoring

To create and implement a strategic enterprise-mentoring program, Humana will leverage the MentorcliQ platform, an award-winning, robust platform for workplace mentoring programs. Through a road-mapping effort in 2021, mentoring programs across the enterprise will be centralized into one location via MentorcliQ, streamlining all programs and delivering a better user experience for associates.

By collaborating with Enterprise Talent Management and utilizing MentorcliQ, mentoring will be scaled to support a personalized career development experience in alignment with our Grow Career Journey.

Deep skilling supports associate agility and career advancement

To realize our customer-centric strategy, we are transforming the way we work as well as accelerating our focus on the associate experience. Prioritizing the professional growth and development of all associates remains top priority. In 2018, a talent development system based on skills was implemented with a lens toward internal talent mobility. With deep skilling, associates enable skill gains through immersive experiences, certifications and credentials. As of 2020, Humana offered over 60 certifications in business and IT through deep skilling learning opportunities.

Associates who engage in deep skilling opportunities make an investment in their career path and create opportunities for mobility and advancement.

A deep skilling talent philosophy builds stronger and deeper diverse talent capabilities, and skills based development aids in removing bias in systems by focusing on specific questions related to skills. As an industry best practice, we aim to have the right skilled people, at the right time, in the right jobs — building stronger business continuity. Deep skilling directly supports the I&D strategy to strengthen a diverse talent pipeline by improving associate retention and promoting diverse talent.

Humana’s COVID-19 response drives equitable economic recovery with reskilling in the community

In response to the economic disruption the COVID-19 pandemic caused in 2020, Humana convened a coalition of private, public, and academic leaders in the Louisville region who combined resources to create a future-ready local workforce through training and development in high-demand data science skills — offered for free to Louisville residents. This Reskilling Initiative provides Louisville residents with the opportunity to explore data-focused career tracks, including data analytics, digital marketing, software engineering, and user experience design in sessions ranging from two to three hours. The Reskilling Initiative provides a pathway for displaced or underemployed workers to upskill into careers that offer stability.

Internal market adjustments (fair living wage)

We believe all of our associates have the right to receive a fair living wage and we are committed to maintaining a pay philosophy that is market-based and recognizes an associate’s contributions so that we can attract and retain an engaged, talented team. Our pay programs are designed to motivate and reward our associates – at all levels of the organization – for their skill development, demonstration of our values, and performance. Our associates’ total compensation may include base pay, incentive pay, overtime and other supplemental pay.

We regularly review associate compensation and conduct benchmarking of our pay to the external market where we compete for talent, as well as, internal reviews of associate pay compared to those doing similar work in similar capacities across the Company. As part of this internal analysis, we also compare compensation trends between demographic classifications, such as gender and ethnicity — all to ensure we are competitive and aligned with industry standards.

Non-discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity

Humana’s non-discrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policy states that we provide equal employment opportunity to all individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, disability, veteran status or marital status. Each of these categories are governed by different laws.

EEO-1 Policy Statement/Report

Humana files an EEO-1 Report with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), mandated by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1967, as amended by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972. The EEO-1 Report is a mandatory data collection that requires employers to submit demographic workforce data including race/ethnicity and gender by specific job categories. Please refer to the Appendix for Humana’s 2019 and 2020 EEO-1 Reports and trend analysis.

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Supplier Diversity Program

Inclusive procurement practices deliver broad societal benefits by creating economic opportunities for traditionally underserved or underrepresented groups. At Humana, our Supplier Diversity Program promotes an inclusive approach to procurement that ensures we invest our dollars with a balance of partnerships with historically underutilized businesses. Our Supplier Diversity Policy promotes and supports the growth and development of diverse businesses including minority-owned, women-owned, LGBTQ-owned, disability-owned, veteran-owned and small businesses. The goal of our Supplier Diversity Program is to educate, assist, develop and provide sourcing opportunities that enable these suppliers to be successful as our partners as well as within the broader business world. We endeavor to identify procurement opportunities that drive innovation, improve quality, and sustain growth while maximizing the utilization of qualified and certified suppliers who reflect the customers, associates, and communities we serve.

This proactive approach widens the network of potential suppliers, which can enhance quality and reduce costs. We prioritize a diverse supplier base that reflects our customers, associates, and the communities we serve. Our Supplier Diversity Program demonstrates our commitment to fair and equitable business practices, and social responsibility.

Diverse suppliers compose an essential, growing part of our economy. Leveraging these suppliers now and in the future benefits Humana’s profitability and aligns with our core values.

When associates take a proactive role in Supplier Diversity initiatives, we can achieve our goals together.

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An enterprise approach with local execution

Our ability to build deep relationships and create simple, personalized experiences for internal and external communities requires a diverse lens.

Led by Humana’s President and CEO Bruce Broussard, the Executive Inclusion & Diversity Council brings a unique perspective to Humana. The Council reflects the diversity of Humana associates and the markets we serve. The Council connects inclusion and diversity activities to a broader business-driven, results-oriented strategy, and leverages leadership to advance Inclusion & Diversity into the fabric of Humana’s culture. Council members engage leaders of our associate-led Network Resource Groups to gain insights into diverse communities and to ensure all voices are heard.

The primary goal of the Executive Inclusion & Diversity Council is to help integrate inclusion and diversity into the fabric of the organization from the top down. The Council’s top priorities are:

The council members aim to clearly link inclusion and diversity initiatives to Humana’s business strategy and position to help advance our competitive advantage. With Executive Leadership involvement and commitment to inclusion and diversity efforts, it is clear that I&D is a critical component of our culture transformation and Leader Standard.

Targeted inclusion and diversity efforts informed by Local Inclusion & Diversity Councils

Local Inclusion & Diversity Council members support activation of Humana’s inclusion and diversity initiatives at their represented locations. Associates tap into the culture at their locations to help inform a more inclusive workplace. As change agents, Local Inclusion & Diversity Council members lead diversity events, educate colleagues and plan innovative ways to foster inclusion and a deeper sense of belonging within the workplace.

With the shift to exclusive remote work in 2020, local council members played an integral role in organizing Humana’s popular Inclusion and Diversity Days (I&D Days) in the virtual space. While this shift created challenges, council members were quick to act in supporting the successful execution of I&D Days, helping associates learn about and develop appreciation for different cultures, and build bridges across differences.

The role of Business-Aligned Inclusion & Diversity Councils

While Local I&D Councils support initiatives at a regional level, new councils began to form organically with the creation of Business-Aligned Inclusion & Diversity Councils. These I&D Councils align to specific business areas or segments within the enterprise, and are typically structured with executive sponsors providing leadership and HR business partners and/or Culture & Engagement associates providing support. Business-Aligned Inclusion & Diversity Councils align on purpose and outline key objectives and actions. With 11 established Business-Aligned Councils and new councils coming online, these key partners play an integral role in strengthening our inclusive culture while increasing accountability and transparency around inclusion and diversity goals.

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2020 marks the 10th anniversary of Network Resource Groups (NRGs) at Humana

Ten years ago the African-American and Hispanic NRGs were created as associate-led and associate driven groups that work to impact Humana’s culture, consumer, careers and communities where we serve. NRGs provide personal, experience-based forums for exchanging ideas, building community and driving measurable business outcomes. NRGs help us see through their diverse lens while making business decisions.

NRG membership is comprised of people who personally identify with the group, as well as allies, who want to support and amplify the voices of the marginalized community. 2020 also marked the year that Humana’s Network Resource Groups received national recognition as one of the Top Companies for Employee Resource Groups by DiversityInc.

The importance of a strong network across the company of like-minded people was especially needed in 2020 as we were isolated from friends, family and coworkers during the pandemic. The NRGs were quick to pivot to support the NRG community and ensure that people were feeling connected across the organization.

Social justice and unrest also marked 2020. The NRGs banded together to support affected communities including hosting Courageous Conversations for associates impacted by the unrest. We also launched an Allyship program to help all associates at Humana learn and grow on their allyship journey. With the launch of this program, we expanded the NRG Ally Toolkits, continuing to work toward our goal of having an ally toolkit for each of our nine NRG communities in 2021.

NRGs continued to represent, support and amplify the NRG communities in Humana’s business by impacts in Humana’s culture, consumers, careers and communities where we serve:

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